Ultimate Ulster Series 1 & 2

Frank Mitchell presents the top tens of everything! Ulster’s favourite people, best restaurants, best weekend destinations and even the province’s top ten worst eyesores! One of UTV’s highest rated series.

Richard O'Brien's Dead Strange

The Rocky Horror Show creator takes a sideways look at death in this light-hearted, late night series for ITV.

The Secrets of My Success

Maureen Lipman narrates this ITV series, following the stories of entrepreneurs who spotted gaps in the market and cashed in to make their fortunes.

Seagull Stories

This ITV documentary takes a light-hearted look at our love-hate relationship with a west country icon - and answers the question about whether you can eat this symbol of the seaside.

Made in England: Seth Lakeman

Dartmoor Folk Musician Seth Lakeman teams up with inner-city rap group MD7 for a voyage of musical discovery in this award-winning BBC1 arts documentary.

Richard Austin’s Animal Magic

On the road with the country’s most published wildlife photographer as he seeks front page animal pictures. An award-winning series for ITV.

Heroes of the Hard Rock

The story of mining in Cornwall. A multi award-nominated documentary for BBC1.

The West We Like Best

The top tens of everything from landmarks and buildings to the most desirable places to live in the south west. Julie Fisher presents this award-winning ITV series.

The London Boat Show

Richard Hammond and Vicki Butler Henderson with the highlights of the marine industry’s annual gathering for ITV.

Splash Camp

It’s boys v girls in this ten part, water-based, childrens reality series for CiTV.


18 films for C4, featuring people whose lives have been inextricably linked to the rivers, lakes and canals of the UK.

The UK Indoor Windsurfing Championships

The world’s best windsurfers compete on an indoor pool. AN ITV special on this unique event from London’s docklands